yamuna body therapy

Training in Yamuna Body Rolling


Are You A Yoga or Pilates Teacher, Massage Therapist or P.T?

Do you already love this work?Yamuna Body Rolling is the perfect addition to your teaching skills.


This is the starting point for studying all of the Yamuna® modalities.

This training is a 10 day course combining a strong experiential approach to

learning your anatomy. Combined with a the 25 years of experience gained through teaching

and training practitioners in Yamuna Body Rolling this course comes from Yamuna Zake.

This certification uses the AnatomyU® program to guide the student through working each

muscle to assure it is switched on. This means that you learn how to build each consecutive

muscle in an area of the body and see the importance of each muscle in building the entirety of

the body. Using your own body as your laboratory, your self-study brings you to a level of

expertise in knowing how the body’s structure is put together. This makes you highly efficient in

helping others problem solve and self-heal. Taking time to learn from your own body the

wonders of the logic and order that are possible when you put each piece back together gives

you the tools to improve your work in whatever modality you are already using.

The purpose of this program is to learn how to reorganize the human structure so that it works

up to its true potential. The combination of AnatomyU and Yamuna® Body Rolling prepare you

to be able to teach all the basic lines of YBR to both group classes and individuals. In most

cases basic YBR classes help people to greatly improve their alignment, range of motion, and

structural problems. When people need more help in problem solving the strong anatomy

knowledge gained from AnatomyU allows you to focus with more detail on the muscles which

need to be worked with greater attention. The combination of AnatomyU and YBR also allow

teachers to be much more flexible in their class offerings. Classes can be partial YBR with

special focus on muscles in the area that is being focused on during that class

We know from experience that people who take a yamuna® training greatly improve in their

own bodies and in their self-awareness.

The desire to go deeper into the amazing lessons that are possible to learn from the body grows

with each day of this training.

The desire to learn more and more through the body’s messages grows exponentially and leads

practitioners onto learning more and more of the work.


 Anyone who is already trained in a specific modality and wants greater skills in

assessing and problem solving and adding self-help programs into their existing

practices. This includes Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga, Dance, Martial arts, fitness instructors,

Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, and Osteopaths.

 People who are looking for a career change and who have been healed through one of

the yamuna® modalities and want to share this work with others.

 Health and wellness coaches who want to add self-help modalities to help train people in

self-help care.

 Athletes who are interested in their personal best and who want to have the knowledge

to help them prevent and heal their injuries.

Anyone looking for a career and life change. It doesn’t matter your age or shape. This training

will help you move better and will increase your knowledge base of your body so that you

function and live better. It’s only a matter of time before this translates to helping others.

The Yamuna® Body Rolling Foundations Training blends superbly with all other modalities

because it improves the body’s function, mobility and wellness.

Starting in September 2019 in Leeds

Become part of the global Yamuna Family and train to teach this fantastic method.

Dates 2019-2020

Part 1

19th-23rd September 2019

9th-13th January 2020

Part 2

14th-18th November 2019

12th-16th March 2020

Exams practical and written should be completed within 1 year of completing Part Two.

Application Criteria

Are you interested in this training? Contact Nichi now for an application form; yogini.green@gmail.com

10 day Training spread over 3 Months

The training is split into two 5 day courses with time in between to practice the sequences and familiarize yourself with the method. There will be an assessment at the end of the training and case studies to complete. 

Expand Your Client Base

With Yamuna Body Rolling you can teach clients that have injuries and who may find yoga, exercise, pilates difficult. You will be able to teach 1:1, as workshops or in a class situation and buy Yamuna equipment at a discounted rate after the training. 


£1800 upfront for training, includes manual, all teaching and refreshments.

or £1,000 per module

Exam- £100