yamuna body therapy

Roll With Me- Regular videos to get you on the Ball

Rolling Out The Hamstrings Pearl Ball

Yamuna- Middle of Spine

Everyday!! Roll out the spine.. Just delicious

Cross Fibering the Hamstrings

Using the pearl ball to roll across from outer to inner hamstrings

Yamuna- The Calves and lower leg

Lower legs with black ball- Yes!!!

Yamuna- Inner Leg Lines

Get into the Inner legs with the silver or gold Ball.

Yamuna- I.T. Band and Side of Hip

This will be sore!! Silver ball or Gold ball from hip into I.T. band. Go slow and breathe deeply. You will feel great afterwards.

Yamuna- Quadriceps

Use gold ball to begin with on this one. Can eventually be done with silver and black balls once you get used to it. Go slow and breathe deeply.

Ekhart Yoga

You can also practice Yamuna and Yoga with me  via online studio Ekhart Yoga. Just click on this link to get started https://www.ekhartyoga.com/teachers/nichi-green?utm_source=Teachers&utm_medium=Nichi+Green&utm_campaign=Affiliate#videos